Guest Comments

DELICIOUS! |Best Americano ever…and the calamari…Thank you Iris Market from Ottawa Sept 13/14

 So delicious! You’ve made it so we never have to go to the city. Thank you Mike & Susan Thurston July 12/14

It was good, but I expected that…LOL Thank you Gerry & Tina Turcotte June 29/14

It’s nice to see that some things in Almonte got a lot better! June 23/14

I’m Sicilian, grew up in Montreal and have had a lot of tiramisu. Who would have thought that the tiramisu would have been so GOOD in Almonte. Thank you so much, I’ll be back w/my wife. June 23/14

This is the sauce I drive out here for. Thanks Lloyd from Ottawa June 22/14

Anytime you want to impress someone, we bring them here…Thank you Bruce Norman June 21/14

When you walk in the door & go “MMM”, you know it’s going to be good! Thank you Kirsti June 19/14

Gardez la recette et nous allons garder l’adresse! Thank you from Quebec June 17/14

You should say delish after evey item, because it’s all good! Thank you Ilene & Allan May 1/14

When I go out for veal, this is what I expect. Apr 20/14

If I could bottle the smell…LOL Apr 16/14

That was so good (lamb burgers) you’ve married the best…smart woman! LOL Apr 10/14

You feel like you are out of Almonte here, it’s great! Thank you ladies Apr 5/14

To our hosts and staff…2yrs of great meals…oh the smell of tomato sauce. Thanks Harry & Millie Nov 12/13

I live in the big smoke in Toronto, and I have never had anything as fabulous as this caesar…Thank you Gloria Nov 10/13

Postino is a little gem in Almonte Oct 12/13

It was very tasty, we will tell people. Oct 12/13

This ain’t no mac and cheese! Thank you JD and Maddie from Woodstock, ON

I will have a caesar salad, because it’s the best in the world! Sept 26/13

That tomato sauce was soooo good! It’s my 2nd time here, so 2 for 2!!! Sept 21/13

We really enjoyed that pizza! Real Italian. Sept 14/13

My only disappointment here is not being able to find a seat…Thank you Harry Marshall Sept 13/13

Buonissimo! Grazie! Sept 11/13

Oh my goodness, I see now why every table was reserved at Postinos! Sept 7/13

First time here, great discovery…we will be back for dinner. Sept 7/13

That was fabulous! It was just like a big city meal! (We didn’t know that a liberal could cook…LOL) Aug 28/13

Everything was amazing, every little bit of it! Couple from Greely & lady grew up here but lives in Vancouver Aug 17/13

We’re from Kingston and heard that Almonte was sprucing up, thought we’d come up and try your restaurant…you have very good reviews. Aug 15/13

Where can I buy this aroma? July 31/13

I will be back in a heartbeat!…Thanks again Ottawa July 31/13

We’ll have to come to Almonte for tiramisu…thank you from Ottawa July 28/13

Magnifico! Thank you Bruce Liffos July 16/13

C’est delicieux, c’est vraiment tres tres bien! July 13/13

We were so happy to see you so busy when we came…your work so hard to do everything right! June 7/13

It was abosolutely delicious, will spread the word! June 7/13

Superb, there is nothing like it around…the service, the food and the ambience, the music…you’ve GOT IT!!! June 5/13

You have delicious food…best food I’ve had in a long time! June 2/13

We were just commenting on how yummy everything was! Apr 20/13

It’s fantastic! My favorite place in the world…Thank you Peggy White Apr 14/13

Lunch was extremely delicious! I am very happy to see the restaurant growing so well!!! Apr 5/13

How long has this been here? We feel like we drove 30min. from Ottawa and arrived in Italy…The food, the wine, the coffee and desserts…and the two of you (Steve and Claire) made all the difference. Mar 9/13

It was so goooood, we decided to come back for dinner…2x in one day! Thank you Mary! Mar 5/13

That was really really a good meal. There’s nothing better in Italy! Thank you Tom Mar 2/13

You haven’t disappointed me yet, I will give you a couple more cracks at it LOL! Feb 15/13

I have been eating in restaurants all over the world, & that was the best lamb I have ever had! Feb 12/13

The food tonight was just fantastic! Feb 3/12

I am disappointed though, you’ve been here 3yrs & it’s the first time he’s brought me in…Thank you Steve, Walter & Meryl Dec 29/12

The Xmas tree we were buying had to be close to Almonte, so we could have lunch at Postinos…Thank you Jo & Bart

Dec 14/12

That was delicious by the way, I didn’t want my last bite to be my last. Dec 14/12

The wonderful smell drew us in and the food is up to the smell. We will be back! Thank you from Perth Dec 7/12

The best fettucine Alfredo I have ever had. Dec 7/12

Your service is very good…it is seamless! Dec 7/12

Thank you for coming to Almonte…Thank you Susan, love serving you! Dec 1/12

We are from Kanata and always on the lookout for great spots to eat. Sorry if we don’t keep this one to ourselves…we may be sorry! Nov 17/12

If I could eat here every night, I would. Absolutely delicious! Nov 10/12

Affordable fine cuisine…AMAZING! Nov10/12

Lunch was spectacular, you are setting the standards, you are very classy!!! Nov 2/12

We would be your best customer, can we take you home? Couple from New Brunswick Nov 2/12

I left Almonte 40yrs ago…had you been here I would have never left. I can’t believe Almonte has such a high class restaurant. Oct 7/12

You wouldn’t know it was busy! Quick service. Thank you Phillip & Sheila Sept 28/12

It smells so good when you enter, I think it’s a trick…Thank you Patsy & Grant & Paddye Sept 21/12

Lucky us to have you here! It is very nice…Aug 30/12

Happy plate, happy customer! Aug 28/12

I have lived in Montreal for 78 yrs & have eaten at many wonderful restaurants and your food by far surpasses them…I can’t believe how good the food isd here! Aug 10/12 

Wonderful…Phenomenal food here! Aug 10/12

You’ve only been here for 18m? You seem like a landmark! Thank you Doreen Aug 10/12

Everything was very good tonight, except the food…it was exceptional!!! Aug 10/12

Amazing food! This is my new favorite spot! Aug 8/12

If we lived here, we would be here every week…Thank you from Vancouver Aug 7/12

Please tell the chef that this is the best meal I’ve had. The Sambucca sauce was the best ever! Best veal I’ve ever had, and I rarely eat veal. You make the dining experience worth while! Best meal in a restaurant ever. The filet mignon was excellent! Aug 5/12

We drove from Ottawa just for the canolli! Aug 4/12

We stumbled in…what a wonderful restaurant. June 22/12

Nothing could have been better! June 22/12

I had such a lousy week and you have made it much better. Thank you! June 8/12

Love the food, decor and background music…very soothing! Thank you Jana and Debbie May 7/12

For your info and thanks for the wonderful meal last night…

This restaurant is 100% comparable to some of the great italian restaurants in Toronto and Montreal and I would definitely say the best italian restaurant in Ottawa and the surrounding area. The food is exquisite, the decor wonderful – love the soaring ceiling of the old bank building. It reminds me of the superb restaurant in downtown Calgary – TEATRO which is in the historic Dominion Bank Building. The service is great, wine very reasonably priced when compared to Ottawa restaurants. Last night my son and I popped by on our way home to Kanata as we were late in leaving a local farm where we participate in Community Shared Agriculture (Rock n Horse – another gem in the Almonte area where they raise heritage breed chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, pigs and lamb). We were hungry as it was past 7 – my son had the canelloni and I had the marguerita pizza – big portions unlike downtown Ottawa restaurants which charge more for less. Both were fantastic as we shared with each other. Then they had this wonderful italian pastry strips drizzled with icing sugar and honey – a free sampling which had us begging for more which we then ordered to take home for hubby and daughter as well as us two. I highly recommend that you visit this place. It’s our second time there and was even more impressed than the first time. I give this a five*****rating.            M Blaney   Apr  3/12

Inscribed with customers’ persmission…Thank you…and this is one of the reasons why we do what we do!

  I am looking at moving…Almonte or Arprior? I think I have to move to Almonte, the canollis are too good.

Feb 11/12

It was a taste of home.

Feb 7/12

It was delicious…it was exactly right.

Feb 3/12

The tiramisu is to die for!

Jan 17/12

Love the energy, it sings! We’ll be back w/friends.

Jan 14/12

We want you to be around for a long time.

Jan 12/12

Reliably good!

Jan 6/12

Food is great, ambience is great, price is great, and service is great. We will definitely be back.

Nov 25/11

Just delicious, compliments to the chef. I hope you are here forever and always.

Nov 25/11

Congratulations, you are doing a great job.

Nov 25/11

OMG, the pizza crust is like pastry…I have lived in Jersey , lots of Italians and pizzas,

your crust is by far the best.

Nov 18/11

Very nice, can’t wait to come back.

Nov 18/11

If it’s as good as it looks, it will be delicious.

Nov 4/11

The decoration is very tasteful…very nice Nov 1/11

“Delightful, delectable food presented beautifully in a warm Italian atmosphere.” I’ve visited this restaurant several times: the wine is good and the food superb. The meals are beautifully prepared and presented in a simple and unpretentious atmosphere. These are people who have the confidence to keep it friendly and simple. It is clear they love their restaurant and all those who visit. Good food is their passion. They also are very low key when serving people who have limitations on the foods they can enjoy. Café Postino makes simple dining a very special time. Did I tell you my clients have all been very impressed???

Paddye Mann Reviewed Oct 31/11 in the TripAdvisory…

Inscribed with customers’ permission…Thank you Paddye…it is always  such a pleasure to serve you!

It smells so good when you walk in!!!

Oct 24/11

The dinner was delicious and so beautifully presented…my regards to Stephen and his wife

for the great addition of their restaurant to Almonte.

Oct 17/11

 The food is very good & it is sanely priced, worth the trip from Ottawa

Oct 10/11

Lovely surprise, you have lots of reasons to be happy, it’s a great place.

Your cafe is like some that I have seen in Vienna…

Oct 1/11

The only thing better than the food was the service

Sept 17/11

This was a wonderful little surprise for our day away.

Sept 3/11

It was fabulous…great food, great service! The salmon was in the top ten that I have ever had.

Aug 19/11

Fine dining has finally arrived in Almonte. It’s about time!

Aug 18/11

 What a great addition to Almonte!

Aug 15/11

 The food matches the quality of the restaurant decor. They are both great!

Aug 6/11

You’re saving us gas for our car. We won’t have to make the drive to Preston Street In Ottawa for authentic Italian food

July 23/11

Very pleasurable first experience…

July 20/11

This is real Italian food…Just fabulous! It was worth driving 500 miles for…LOL

July 20/11

 We knew it would be pretty good, we didn’t know it would be fabulous!

July 11/11

Excellent dining experience…We’re coming back!

July 9/11

Fabulous! I will spread the word…

July 9/ 11

You’re bringing the heart back to Almonte

July 7/11